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Welcome to Additional Resources for readers of Clive A. Stace’s and Michael J. Crawley’s New Naturalist volume on Alien Plants.

The authors have put much effort into providing definitive lists of the alien plants of the British Isles (i.e. the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands). The two appendices available here are set out in an interactive format in Excel, designed to enable readers to manipulate, analyse and add to the lists as they wish for their own personal use.

The lists of angiosperms are presented in Appendix 1 (neophytes) and Appendix 2 (archaeophytes). These appendices, and the lists of the various groups of non-flowering plants provided within the book, are intended to represent a standard up-to-date (post-1986) list of aliens of the British Isles, based on objective criteria. The lists have not been previously published. They include some other data: the categories of neophytes (naturalised, casual, persistent) and archaeophytes (denizen, colonist, cultivated); the number of hectads (10 × 10 km squares) in which each species has been recorded since 1986; the life form and mode of reproduction; for the neophytes additionally the year first recorded, area of origin, and the vector(s) involved; and for the archaeophytes additionally the main uses to which the plant has been put.

Excerpt from New Naturalist Alien Plants © Clive A. Stace and Michael J. Crawley, 2015

Appendix 1 – Download the Excel file here or the .pdf file here
Appendix 2 – Download the Excel file here or the .pdf file here