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Woodland Birds

Author: Eric Simms
Pages: 316
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Theme: Other wildlife
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 14/07/2009
ISBN: 978-0-00-730833-0


This new study of British woodlands – both coniferous and broadleaved, natural and planted – and their varied bird life is perhaps one of the most engaging books to appear in this series. Mr. Simms first considers the general environment of trees – the background to any study of woodland birds – and the origins and history of the British and Irish woodlands and their birds from Pliocene times to the present day. He then considers the nature of a ‘woodland bird’; the bird communities supported by the most important tree species; types of woodland or marginal habitats; problems of woodland bird populations and changing environment; the role of woodland bird song and the place of birds in modern forestry.

He concludes with an invaluable species-by-species account of British woodland birds, giving details, for each, of its British and European distribution and of its status and habitats within the British Isles. It is a book of absorbing interest to bird-watchers throughout the country.


‘An outstanding work. This is a most comprehensive study, ranging from prehistoric times to the present, with up-to-date assessments of the effects on birds of such modern factors as changes in farming, pesticides, pollution and afforestation. The photographic illustrations, of both birds and woods, are of a fittingly high standard.’
Country life

‘It is the kind of book that can be picked up at any time, being wide ranging and, fascinating in its own right.’

‘If you want to learn about bird life in woods, and about woods, it is all here: if you just want to read for pleasure about something in which you have a vague interest, well you will find this a fascinating and most rewarding book.’
Birmingham Post

‘Woodland Birds is like being taken into a wood by a really knowledgeable expert with a lifelong experience and love of birds.’