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Wild Orchids of Britain

Author: V. S. Summerhayes
Pages: 384
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Theme: Other wildlife
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 14/07/2009
ISBN: 978-0-00-730813-2


Now published in a revised edition, with a complete set of new distribution maps from the Atlas of the British Flora, this beautiful book remains the standard work in its subject, a treasure for all lovers of wild plants. Dr. Summerhayes, in charge of the orchid collection at Kew from 1924 to 1964, looks at our fifty-odd species in relation to the vast orchid family throughout the world, discusses their general biology and natural history in Britain, gives a detailed account of all our orchid species, varieties and hybrids, and provides a useful key to identification.

The colour photographs represent every known British species with the exception of Orchis cruenta and O. occidentalis.


‘It has just those qualities to endear it to botanist and field naturalist alike. It is a carefully planned, well written and lavishly illustrated book, and it deals simply, clearly, and authoritatively with a family of plants of unparalleled interest and beauty.’ Countryside

‘A botanical work of outstanding importance, likely to remain the standard textbook on its subject for many a long day. At the same time it will appeal to all wild-flower-loving countrymen and enable them to identify each and every one of the wild orchids that they may find on their rambles. The book is magnificently illustrated.’ The Countryman

‘If there is any book guaranteed to make any nature lover into a keen hunter of our native orchids, it is this.’ Scotsman

‘Unstinted praise is due to author, photographers and all who have had a hand in the production of this fine book.’ The Naturalist