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The Sea Coast

Author: J. A. Steers
Pages: 304
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Theme: Geography & topography
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 14/07/2009
ISBN: 978-0-00-731106-4


Britain’s coasts have everything, from towering cliffs rising sheer from deep water to a thousand feet and more, to miles of tidal slobs and flats, restless shingle spits, shifting beaches, immobile rock headlands. The extraordinary consequences of a varied climate and a complicated geology are shown even more effectively in Britain’s coasts than in her fascinating island scenery.

Our greatest authority on coastal topography, Professor Steers, has studied the nature of Britain’s seaside and the evolution of coasts and coastline for most of his life. A past Professor of Geography of Cambridge University, he made the now famous comprehensive survey of our entire coastline. His book shows in a persuasive and compelling way the origin and evolution of cliffs, estuaries, sea marshes, sand dunes and the communities of plants and animals that they support.


‘With his book as a starting point and manual, many a seaside holiday will be made more interesting.’ Manchester Despatch

‘Professor Steers has the engaging qualities of an enthusiast who has inspected every mile of coast around the mainland.’ Glasgow Evening News

‘The Sea Coast reveals the whole panorama of British coastlines besides describing clearly how materials move on a beach and why certain costs lose and others gain in their battle with the waves.’ Times Educational Supplement

‘In presenting to us this comprehensive survey of the coastal scenery of our islands in relation to their origins, he has achieved a great work that will remain standard for decades to come.’ Yorkshire Post

‘By turns geologist, ecologist, conchologist, meteorologist, he writes at a permanent high level of informativeness and interest.’ Daily Telegraph