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Geography & topography
Nigel Webb
'Britain is unique in Europe in having such a wide range of heathland communities, and in the eyes of many, the wide open spaces - often beautified by heather and gorse - are the most remarkable feature of our countryside.'

Our lowland heaths are a vital and precious habit, an absorbing area of study for every naturalist, with some of Britain's most appealing - and endangered - plants and animals, such as the Marsh Gentian, the Dartford Warbler, the Sand Lizard and Silver-studded Blue butterfly. They are the site of many of our most important Nature Reserves, and at the same time provide eminently accessible countryside, attracting millions of visitors each year.

This is a book to enhance every heathland visit - whether you are a serious naturalist - or simply want to enrich you understanding of the countryside. Nigel Webb may be a leading authority on heathland ecology - but he tells the extraordinary story of how heathlands came to be, the influences of geology, climate, soils and man, and how the plants and animals survive and function - with tremendous clarity and insight. He gives a most rewarding and complete picture of the natural history of lowland heaths which will certainly satisfy the growing need to know and understand the balance of nature - so that we can preserve it for the future.
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