• The Natural History of Orkney - 9780007308453
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The Natural History of Orkney

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R. J. Berry
Orkney is a very special place for naturalists. Closer to Oslo than to London, its geography and climate create quite distinct environmental conditions - even though it is only six miles from the Scottish mainland.

On these islands of fierce gales, long summer days and long winter nights, the wildlife has adapted in intriguing ways Starlings adapt to ground-nestinglocal sheep eat seaweedand there are voles exclusive to Orkney. Here is one of the very few areas where the rare and delicate Scottish Primrose thriveswhere you find the British stronghold of the Hen Harrier, and vast colonies of seabirds and seals.
This is the first - and long-needed - survey of the islands' natural history, complete in one volume. Because Orkney is exceptional, it is vital reading for the serious naturalist, as well as for being a comprehensive and absorbing guide for every visitor.

In his tracing of the island's evolution from its geological creation to the effects of oil technology; in the detailed, yet fascinating exploration of the plants and animals (and where best to see them), Professor Berry's expertise and enthusiasm is backed by that of local specialists, and Orkney's long tradition of natural history study. Appendices include definitive lists of all the species of flora and fauna on record, and an extensive bibliography.
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