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Man and Birds

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R. K. Murton
Here is a fascinating and authoritative survey of the complex interrelationships of bird and human life in this country.

Dr. Murton begins with an entire outline of the earliest evidence of the impact of birds on man, and vice versa and of the ecological considerations involved. He then proceeds to describe in detail how men and birds affect each other in these islands - in food production, farming, forestry, horticulture, fishery, urban conditions and hygiene, sport and industry. He concludes with an account of the conservation issues involved - the need to preserve unique habitats and to protect bird life, beside the demands of crop protection and control of 'problem birds'.

It is a book which anyone interest in either our birds or our environment will find of absorbing interest.
'Man and Birds should be required reading for those who plan our environment, and it will incidentally add a new dimension to the conventional bird-lover's knowledge of his subject.'
New Scientist

'Man and Birds is much more than a text-book of economic ornithology. It is a book for all serious naturalists and game-preservers who delight to have their knowledge of wildlife firmly based upon sound learning.'

'A book embracing economic ornithology in its widest sense, the author makes a well-reasoned stand against both thoughtless conservation and unscientific pest control.'
The Times Educational Supplement

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