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Wild Flowers of Chalk and Limestone

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J. E. Lousley
Few areas can boast so many rare and beautiful wild flowers as those of the chalk and limestone. Few areas, too, have so much lovely scenery in which to search them out. Mr. Lousley’s vivid and authoritative presentation of his subject shows that he has made full use of these opportunities. His special affection is for the woods and chalk downs of south-eastern England, of which he has a knowledge almost unsurpassed.

Nevertheless, in this book he has also given us an admirable survey of all the important limestone regions in the country from the Devonian formation at Berry Head to the oolite of the Cotswolds and the great carboniferous stretches of the north. This book will urge many to follow in the author’s footsteps in search of the rich flora which make our chalk downs and limestone cliffs so fascinating to explore.
‘It would be almost impossible to praise it too highly. This is a wonderfully friendly book, a book to keep and treasure, to read at a sitting and then to dip into again and again. The illustrations are quite beyond praise.’ The Field

‘Mr. Lousley has written an individual and highly informative book, which will be greatly enjoyed by anyone who has ever known the joy of looking for plants that are either rare or beautiful.’ The Times Literary Supplement

‘The book is illustrated with 72 photographs, 48 of them in colour; the latter are, I think, about as good as colour-photographs of flowers ever can be.’ The Spectator

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