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Life in Lakes and Rivers

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Geography & topography
T. T. Macan and E. B. Worthington
The study of life in British lakes and rivers is one of that has been unduly neglected in natural history publications. It has long been emphasised by teachers of ecology that the intricacies of the animal and plant community as a whole can be readily studied in a pond or lake. This is made admirably clear by the authors. The solutions to the many problems, which form the observation of life in lakes and rivers, have themselves created other absorbing problems, wider and more fundamental than perhaps ever suspected, and which reach far into the very structure of biology.

In spite of its importance, the majority of the public know surprisingly little about the subject. Anglers know only one side of it; holiday makers mostly skim the surface of it. Dr. Macan and Dr. Worthington are particularly well equipped to provide the readers of the New Naturalist series with a work that is both authoritative and of outstanding interest.
‘The authors of this fascinating book are freshwater biologists of great learning and considerable renown. They have produced a book that will have a very wide appeal – a book that is just about as perfect in its field as a book can be.’ The Field

‘For all who feel the call of the water – to fish, or merely to watch – this book should be of absorbing interest … a fascinating book explaining technical jargon with a humorous touch, and achieving both a scientific landmark and a readable volume.’ The Angler’s News

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